Saturday, May 7, 2011

Four Days...

So the countdown has officially begun. Just four days from now our sweet Jilly will be just hours away from her next surgery. I don't think we are really ready for this, but somehow I'm full of hope. Jillian's catheter procedure went extremely well. The doctor who did the procedure said this was the best he has seen a HLHS kids heart, post Norwood (surgery #1) in a "long time". They originally scheduled the procedure to take 3 1/2 hours from start to finish, with some recovery time after, but it took less than 2 when all was said and done. Jilly did end up needing oxygen for a couple of days following the cath, but quickly weaned herself off. We're not sure if this was some sort of side effect of the anaesthesia or if this was because she still could be recovering from the Human Metapneumovirus... either way though, she's off it again now and is doing well :)

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  1. i have a 5 year old with chd and other medical conditions. my husband used to live in vail and wants to move back to the are I am wondering what support is like in the area and if there are other families in summit county with children with special medical needs seems like thier must be. I rana cross your blog not sure of you location but was hoping to say hello. we have not talked on the blog about the possibility of moving since so many factors will be considered before we do so, jobs medical support ect. anyways if you do want to reply please email also can comment on her blog