Monday, November 8, 2010

What's New

I realized it's been a while since I last wrote something here. And whether or not anyone is actually interested or not, I think it will be good to have this to look back on someday, after all of this is over and done with. 
So, where are we at...? I am now 33 weeks and a couple of days and on bed rest. I have nothing to do but sit here and try to grow Jilly bigger! Last week at my 32 week appointment and ultrasound my docs saw that my amniotic fluid is quite a bit lower than they would like it to be, so they put me on bed rest about 2 weeks early. I managed to get away with not abiding by the "bed" part of the equation for the rest of last week and the weekend, although I did try to adhere to the "rest"part... more or less. But now, Monday has rolled around and it's officially time for the two to come together. I'm about 4 hours into 6 weeks and WOW! I never would have thought having absolutely nothing to do and having to stick to that would be so hard. Even Oli is getting on me. I went downstairs to refill my water and he said, "No Mommy! You go back upstairs and rest!" Aww... gotta love 3 year olds :) 
What else, what else... hmm... next week I will be going back for another ultrasound to check my fluid levels again and for my 34 week appointment. Starting with my 36 week appointment all my OB care will be transferred to the good folks at Presbyterian St. Luke's so we'll be driving to Denver weekly... let's hope it doesn't snow too much, although just now I probably jinxed myself... We'll have one more appointment to look at Jilly's heart at Children's on November 30th and then- we wait. As of right now we're hoping to make it to 39 weeks- December 18th- and should induce then, or around then. Then the real fun will begin... 
In a small little nut shell that's what's going on. I had a few rough days emotionally, well and physically too, last week, but having my mom here has helped that a bit. More or less I'm in good spirits, for now, and just trying to find ways to pass the time. Only 4 1/2 to 5 1/2 weeks to go! Thank God for my Mom... and Pandora radio!

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